About Adda Textiles

Founded in 2023, Adda Textiles is a woman-owned small business created to fill a niche in the US interiors market – one that minimizes waste and and utilizes resources efficiently. By partnering with some of the top European mills, we provide our clients with distinctive yet timeless textiles that have contract performance while maintaining a softness and aesthetic desirable for residential spaces.

Adda Textiles is named for the Adda River, which flows through northern Italy’s Lombardy region, an area known for producing some of the world’s finest textiles. Naturally, this is also where many of Adda Textiles’ fabrics originate. Symbolic of life, rivers are complex and unique – changing with each season, constantly moving forward, never knowing what will come next. The perspective of the changes is in the eye of the beholder – peaceful, mundane, exciting, or even scary.

Our goal at Adda Textiles is to be a sustainable company which respects nature, evokes an emotional connection, fosters a feeling of belonging, and creates a sense of purpose. Similar to canoeing down the river with good friends.

Amy Pisansky, Founder

Amy's sense of style and knowledge of design has seen her work with some of the biggest names in the industry across the United States, the UK, and Europe for over 25 years. She's known for her tireless work ethic and using a client-driven approach to find the perfect solution for each project. 

Her lifelong passion for textiles led to the creation of Adda Textiles, the culmination of a career spent pushing herself to grow and learn many different aspects of the field. Amy's dedicated to nurturing relationships by bringing heart, honesty, humor and creative problem solving skills to any business challenge.

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