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Elevate your style with our collection of timeless textiles designed with contract performance and residential luxury.

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Adda Textiles believes there is beauty in everyone and everything. As editors, our textiles are selected with this perspective: that each fabric must be timeless, yet compelling, and tell a unique story. Woven with contract performance and designed with residential appeal, Adda Textiles enhance any space — interior and outdoor — with style and sophistication. From subdued neutrals to bold pops of color, discover what Adda Textiles can do for you.

Clients First

Why We Do What We Do

Just Say Yes

Wherever possible, we want to help. From messengering samples to creative problem solving to developing custom patterns, if we can make it happen, we will. 

Your Success our success. Our job is to make sure you look good to your clients. We’ll do this by providing high quality fabrics at a high level of service, giving your project the perfect look.

Uplift Others

You’ve got this! We know you work hard, and things aren’t always perfect.  Adda Textiles has your back. We value and appreciate you. You can do it.